Let Me Introduce Myself

For years, I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome. It seems like such a common and popular topic in my studies, my day job career, and my artistry, but it doesn’t make it any less impactful or meaningful when thinking about motivation, inspiration, or the way I go about making decisions.

What is holding me back? Me. Myself. I am holding myself back.

I was going over the idea for my YouTube “intro” video. The one that plays for non-subscribers to my channel. When writing down ideas for this, I know that I’d introduce myself and all of the ‘things’ I am. I wrote notes down for “A parent.. to human and furry kids alike. A husband to a most wonderfully supportive wife. A ‘day job’ IT worker with an ever-lengthening career arc. A home owner….” the list goes on.

What did I not write down?

“Music producer and performer.”

In planning to introduce myself in a video I did not include one of the most important parts of who I am. I, for what feels like the umpteenth time, failed to acknowledge that I am an artist.

I think it’s akin to meeting someone new, having a lengthy and deep conversation about life’s joys and misgivings, and not once ever stopping to introduce yourself with a name. I’ve sat in basement dwelling bars on my own travels for my day job talking to strangers next to me. We ultimately exchange introductions as to be able to address one another during our ephemeral friendship that night.

So let’s try this:

“Hi! I’m Sliptide. I produce and perform electronic music.”

More to come over at my YouTube channel: Sean Armstrong.