My name is Sean Armstrong, and I make music.

I write it, I record it, I produce it, I mix it, and I perform it.

For 15 19 21 years of my life I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of music. From grunge to house, from ambient to hip-hop, I enjoy making music and art that people incorporate into their daily landscape. Through the years I’ve found my mainstay is largely based on house & downtempo music.

I am a highly motivated and professional musician.  My work is ever increasing in quality and style as I am continuing to write new songs each month, work on licensed remixes for other artists, create commercial music, and continually develop and practice my live performances.

A Brief History:

I have assembled a few collections of music into albums, several of which are available at various online retailers.

(1999) “City Shadows” was my first, dedicated project in which I wrote and produced music that complimented an overarching idea. The music is down-tempo infused with many elements of organ stabs, droning bass lines, trip-hop beats, and ambient textures.

(2008) “For the Cure: 2008”. This is NOT available for purchase anywhere. The album was an 8 track fundraiser for the 2008 Susan G. Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk. I was able to raise money by selling the limited edition discs, which contained a few songs from “City Shadows”, a few songs from my in-progress album (below, “Well of Souls”) and some brand-new & exclusive songs. This album also contains a song that will surface again in the future, “Grace”, which features a new sound and my first efforts applying my own writing and recording of a vocal track.

(2009) “Well of Souls” was my next adventure. While there were significantly different sounds involved, there was a lot retained in the down-tempo side of things. I did step outside of my learning curve a bit to try new things, and overall I still enjoy this album though I’m not sure it really indicates where I was or where I was heading as an artist.

(2011) “Pike” is an EP released by Further Records. This is my debut release into the global electronic music scene. The deep/tech house music on this album reflects my desires to continue into an adventure filled with music that is double edged between dance and chill. With support from the likes of Estroe, Norman H, and Chloe Harris, the songs were well received and have helped move me along in my continuing journey as a producer.

(2012-2016) Various LP, EP, Remix releases and side projects, along with beginning a career with Seattle DJ Academy as the Instructor of Production & Performance along side industry veteran and Seattle music influencer, Eva.

A Brief Future:

It’s been a good while since I’ve updated this section! For 2018, I plan on floating more house and downtempo tunes to my favorite DJs and labels for support and curation, along with at least 1 indie release LP and 1 collaboration seeing the light of day.

Check out the rest of for the latest music and release information!

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