Quick Update.. YouTube and such..

I’ve begun my foray into YouTube. “You’re so long overdue,” says my inner-self. I’ve been wanting to “do YouTube” since its debut back when it was more about folks expressing themselves and sharing video rather than a full on replacement of TV. YouTube turned into a beast of content served to us via ‘the algorithm’. High-gloss, well-produced, material that really kept me away from doing my own.

I have some recorded sets, show & tells, and crap like that archived onto other hard drives that I never bothered to share because I was silly enough to think that I wasn’t ‘up to snuff’. Excuse me, self, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!

So here you go: Sliptide – YouTube

What will be here? Whatever I want as it relates to my passion of creating musical art.

I don’t plan on doing tutorials beyond that of things I find interesting or I truly think warrant sharing with the greater music producer/performer community. YouTube has SO MUCH information that I don’t care to duplicate, but I’m sure I’ll fill in some gaps here and there.

For now it’s more about a self-serving adventure to chronicle my own art creation. I think one of the themes I need to go for is “use the time you have” because, as a lot of the aging/middle-aged, and/or folks in the game that have a lot of other things on their plate (home owner$shit, family stuff, kids, relationships, community things, personal battles, day-job careers.. whatever it may be)– we end up with very little time to do what we love in life.

I’ll post about looking to others for inspiration as I have definitely taken some from the bigger YouTube “stars” I like watching.

Anywho.. just a quick blog post to let folks know I’m here, I’m trying to keep on the video thing, and I definitely have some music coming to your brains by way of Bandcamp.

Pz & Love