TouchOSC Template Idea: Dummy Clip & Parameter Control

Here’s the backstory for this one:

I have two Novation LaunchControls that were working well for basic control of my 8 sample channels (that contain studio mix-down elements of instruments, unique percussion, vox, and other flavors of my back catalog of music). Recently, though, they’ve been acting up.  Between eventually ‘timing out’ and not responding to touch (not sending MIDI either) and the LaunchControl editor being in a broken state, along with some erratic behavior on page swapping, I’ve decided to get rid of them.

My first alternative is to use TouchOSC, for which I had already created a “sample” page to manage FX sends, volume, and track enable/disable.. all of the functionality the LaunchControls were performing.

I also realized that I wanted something to control additional effects that were more automated in nature.  Slight build-ups, automated EQ, some beat chopping/flares, as well as ducking control for a few instruments.

Thus, I’ll be creating a template for that in TouchOSC.

Using the principles in links at the bottom of this post I will be testing a ideas for:

  • buttons to control the dummy clips (clip launching, about 8 should be enough)
  • faders to control various effects parameters in the effects chain
  • dummy clips for: enable/disable of compressor for side-chain ducking, along with depth/wet/dry

I had to review automation and dummy clips by reading these:

A Detailed Guide To Dummy Clips In Ableton Live