Studio Notes for November 21, 2020 – TR8-S Work.

Finally modifying kits for my needs. I’m starting with the on-board sounds/factory sounds and modeling before I load in some of my own samples.

Tonight’s kit creation solidified my use of the menus for configuration and performing.

I jammed on it a bit along side a bass patch I had running in Ableton Live by way of Reason VST. My clock wasn’t working though so I couldn’t record and it’s too late for me to troubleshoot/reboot.

At the end of the jam I realized that I need to do the following:

  • Ensure kits and/or patterns that are available for swapping to have default verb, delay, and ctrl values set to clean sounds. This would allow for fantastic build ups and transitions. I will explore this in my next deep dive with the TR8-S.

Otherwise, having a grand time with it and I see a few things I want to get working on it and my VST experiments before I have a good jam session.