Show Planning: Fall 2019 (October 19, 2019 deadline #1) Entry 2

What a day.. I was pretty tired coming into my work session tonight. I also wanted to record footage for an ‘unboxing’ of the Launchpad Pro!

I picked up the LP Pro because it’s a huge upgrade over my original Launchpad that I’ve had for a long time. While the old “red/yellow/green” one has been a fantastic piece of kit (made even more fantastic by the folks that maintain this:

…it’s time to upgrade to the amazing feedback provided by the full color “RGB” Launchpad Pro… and all of the amazing features it has.

After playing with it for about 30min and then diving into writing down some notes here, I can say that I’m already thrilled because of the “record”, “duplicate”, “delete”, “undo” buttons, and the perfect visual feedback that matches clip colors!


-Only arm the necessary MIDI tracks (the things you intend to record while playing the set)

-Ensure that your sample sets from old songs are NOT armed.

-Change the colors of your tracks so you can pick them out when cycled into the 8-column groupings

-Keep NON interactive groupings all the same color so you know something’s odd if you get either NO coloring or a color-wall. Not entirely sure this is needed yet.

-The recording over/into clips is dubbing and stays in the clip length.. This will be useful for pad building or duplicating a clip and then adding a flourish/change-up.