Salt & Sun – #house

Years in the making, “Salt & Sun” is a full length album with songs influenced by life experiences in travel, food, and down time. ┬áThe earliest song was started in January of 2011, while the latest was started in August of 2013.

This is a pointed collection of music from an era of my life which greatly inspired my musical direction. Travel, food, friends, family.. bits of my life are ingrained in the music. The earliest work was started in January of 2011 while the latest was started in August of 2013.

I’m a sentimentalist at heart and I use music to capture pieces of life. I began experimenting with injecting ambient recordings of public spaces such as restaurants and cafes (such as in “It’s Been Too Long” and “Flipped It”) and enjoyed the outcome. When I play this music to a live audience or I’m wanting to visit some past memories, the music and the ambient clips make for a powerful experience for me. I do hope that you find them an interesting element to the music.

Whether it’s a stab used almost as a percussive element or a longer phrase repeated through a portion of the song, the other vocal bits used in some of the songs are a nod to elements of house music that I enjoy.

I’m not underselling the purely instrumental tracks, though, as some of them feel more ‘classic Sliptide’ to me in their presentation (“Skies Over” and “On the Side”, for example).

A big thanks to everyone in my life who has been supportive of my music and artistry. From the Seattle music heads I timidly met for the first time in The Living Room Bar, to the prominent and wonderful folks who have booked me for shows in Seattle over the years. I also give major thanks to the friends I’ve made abroad for helping me to share my music to a wider audience and offer a global community of artistic criticism and support.

Of course, I wouldn’t be here today without the support of my wife, who encouraged me to get out there and share with the local and global music community.


Release date: June 18th, 2015

Track listing:

1) Roughs & Tumbles
2) Salt & Sun
3) It’s Been Too Long
4) What Will It Take?
5) Under Cover
6) Sundowntowner
7) Flipped It
8) Skies Over
9) Western Facing
10) On The Side
11) Clichy, 2 AM

All music will be available for licensing shortly after album release via AudioSocket.