“The Dark Side of the Studio” Compilation, Out Now!

Definite Ridge Recordings – “The Dark Side of the Studio” is a compilation of label artists.  This compilation contains my latest house song, “This Time, I Say”. Check it out on track 3!

Available on: Juno
Release date: October 5, 2011
Label: Definite Ridge Recordings (website | Facebook)

‘The Dark Side Of The Studio’ Compilation – Out Now by Definite Ridge Recordings

Support from Giom, Joan Ribas, Inland Knights, Marvin Zeyss, Ray Colclough, Tommy Largo.

First blog review on “This is Why We Dance” –

  • “…Definite Ridge could become a serious force to reckon with. If you dig the likes of Salted Music, 90watts or Lost My Dog, you need to be checking these guys out – they’re packing more bounce to the ounce for sure.”
  • I also get a nod: “…or the thoughtful, Trentemoller-esque meanderings of This Time, I Say by Sliptide – to prove this isn’t a label that’s likely to get stuck in one groove.”