For the Cure 2008 – A Benefit Album


For the Cure 2008 – A Benefit Album
Released: May 19th 2008 // currently unavailable

For the Cure 2008 was my way of contributing to fundraising efforts for an incredible event. Every year the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation sponsors the3-Day Breast Cancer Walk. The events take place all over the United States almost all year long, and I was fortunate enough to hear about it by way of my girlfriend. We signed up together and committed the time to train for walking 60 miles in three days. At the end of the journey we raised over $4,400 and walked well over 200 miles in training and the event itself. You can read more about our experience right here (on my old blog).

The album was released online May 19th, 2008. Limited edition hard copies were released June 12th, 2008. The post about the album can be found on my (old) blog.

“Grace” marked the first vocal recordings I had ever attempted. The song was a major hit and I recieved a lot of positive feedback. “Talking Circles”, “Hand In Hand”, “Through This Beauty” and “A Midnight Cab Ride” were all previously unreleased songs, while “Everything That We Love” and “Always” will appear on the upcomming Well of Souls album. “Holding” can be found on City Shadows.


01) Everything That We Love
02) Grace
03) Talking Circles
04) Hand In Hand
05) Through This Beauty
06) Always
07) Holding
08) A Midnight Cab Ride