City Shadows Volume 1

City Shadows Volume 1 » Released: 2004, December 12th 2008 re-issue
Available on: Sliptide - City Shadows
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City Shadows came out of late nights spent playing with new software and hardware instead of focusing on my studies in school.

Branching out into downtempo, drum & bass, and trip-hop influences I assembled songs that were driven by my own musical composition with sample support, instead of continuing with entirely sample driven materials.

Calm Control reached the #3 spot in the Trip-Hop and Down Tempo catagories on (before CNET bought them, for those who remember).

The album attempts to convey my fascination with large cities and the more relaxing side opposed to the hustle & bustle of living every day in a metropolis.


01) Calm Control
02) Process of Release
03) Stasis
04) City Shadows
05) Holding
06) November Aura
07) Natural Reflections
08) Feeling 4 AM
09) Vanishing Point
10) Cumulus

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