Quick Update.. YouTube and such..

Sunday August 8, 2021

I’ve begun my foray into YouTube. “You’re so long overdue,” says my inner-self. I’ve been wanting to “do YouTube” since its debut back when it was more about folks expressing themselves and sharing video rather than a full on replacement of TV. YouTube turned into a beast of content served to us via ‘the algorithm’. […]

Studio Log: Week of April 11 2021

Tuesday April 20, 2021

Starting this post on Tuesday night after a successful day of casual tinkering, thought, and some practice at the end. I’ve found that my creative hours are truly in the daytime.. either morning or late afternoon.. sometimes I’ll retain the edge and be able to do stuff at 9PM+ but usually that is reserved for […]

Let Me Introduce Myself

Monday February 22, 2021

For years, I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome. It seems like such a common and popular topic in my studies, my day job career, and my artistry, but it doesn’t make it any less impactful or meaningful when thinking about motivation, inspiration, or the way I go about making decisions. What is holding me back? Me. […]

Studio Notes for November 21, 2020 – TR8-S Work.

Saturday November 21, 2020

Finally modifying kits for my needs. I’m starting with the on-board sounds/factory sounds and modeling before I load in some of my own samples. Tonight’s kit creation solidified my use of the menus for configuration and performing. I jammed on it a bit along side a bass patch I had running in Ableton Live by […]

Use The Time You Have

Friday November 20, 2020

What a year. First off, I should mention that I and my family and our extended family have been fortunate through the pandemic. A few minor things along the way, but we mostly have our health and are financially stable. I complain, and am frustrated, about how the pandemic has affected us, but I am […]

TouchOSC Template Idea: Dummy Clip & Parameter Control

Friday January 17, 2020

Here’s the backstory for this one: I have two Novation LaunchControls that were working well for basic control of my 8 sample channels (that contain studio mix-down elements of instruments, unique percussion, vox, and other flavors of my back catalog of music). Recently, though, they’ve been acting up.  Between eventually ‘timing out’ and not responding […]

Show Planning: Fall 2019 (October 19, 2019 deadline #1) Entry 3

Tuesday October 15, 2019

What a weekend! On Saturday I was at a chess tournament for my son. It’s a ‘season’ much like any sport and it was the kick-off of our going to tournaments on most Saturdays from here to about March/April.  What people don’t know about these tournaments is that you, as a parent/guardian, show up and […]

Show Planning: Fall 2019 (October 19, 2019 deadline #1) Entry 2

Thursday October 10, 2019

What a day.. I was pretty tired coming into my work session tonight. I also wanted to record footage for an ‘unboxing’ of the Launchpad Pro! I picked up the LP Pro because it’s a huge upgrade over my original Launchpad that I’ve had for a long time. While the old “red/yellow/green” one has been […]

Show Planning: Fall 2019 (October 19, 2019 deadline #1)

Wednesday October 9, 2019

It’s only 9:30 PM PT and I’m beat.  My kids woke me up a few times overnight and early AM for school AND it was a bit of a day filled with work and errands after the family came back together after school. That being said, I don’t know if this is a good idea […]

May Already? Checking In

Saturday May 4, 2019

Wow. May. This year is going so quick!! Yet some days don’t feel as quick, so I guess there’s some balance there… Anyway! Let’s look at the previous post and do an update, ‘eh? Broadcasting a live performance from my studio several times. Well, as it turns out, I got all of my stuff together […]

Plans for 2019

Sunday January 20, 2019

Goals; a declaration; resolution. Whatever I want to call it, I have some ideas for how “this year” should go. Then again, I don’t use January as a marker for the ‘start’ of something, so much as I check in with myself now and again at any time to see where I’m at, how I’m […]

Blog? What Blog?

Tuesday June 13, 2017

It’s finally come full circle. My blogging youth that I left behind in favor of professional work, music, friendships, video games, and a life of privacy (though not so private since I’m embedded in the Gogol Empire) has been itching to get out for years.  It hasn’t been until a resent fit of ‘soul searching’ on […]