Show Planning: Fall 2019 (October 19, 2019 deadline #1)

It’s only 9:30 PM PT and I’m beat.  My kids woke me up a few times overnight and early AM for school AND it was a bit of a day filled with work and errands after the family came back together after school.

That being said, I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, but I have the urge to post my ideas around this all-of-a-sudden show I am booked to play on October 19th, 2019. That’s 10 days away. 10 days to pull my currently loose plans of a live set back together into the tight execution it once was (last year).

I don’t know the stage I’m on or what time I’ll be playing, so I’ll have to charge forward with some assumptions. The main one is that I’ll have time and space enough to set up a decent number of instruments (5 synths, 1 drum machine) and my computer + interface to make it all come together (and one iPad for TouchOSC).

Let’s start, shall we?

-I just brought up my Korg EA-1 and one of my Novation LaunchControl’s from storage.  I think I’ll end up using them since I really enjoy the EA-1’s 2 voices and sequencer… it’s very playable.

-I’m going to record my own unboxing, setup, and incorporation of my new Novation Launchpad Pro. It’s replacing my old (MK1!) Launchpad. The RGB lights alone will be stress relief for performance when it comes to clip management (both MIDI recording & pre-made samples from my older tracks or complicated things I don’t want to re-create live)

-I’d like to find some texture/ambient samples to add depth or assist with transitions/themes.

-Life is great with the Arturia Keystep, but should I go back to having a 2 keyboard layout again? One was hardware (keystep… replacing the Akai MPK mini) and one was software (Novation LaunchKey MK1).  I’ve had some issues w/the Akai MPK in a live setting so that’s automatically out (usb drop/unresponsiveness).. The Keystep has 16 channels so I could use it… and my footprint would be smaller.. hmmm.

-Delay, reverb, and volume control: I’d really like to use my TouchOSC interface. It gives me pages of 8 hardware controls and 8 virtual instrument controls right now.. and I can customize it for additional FX as I work on design this week.  I do have the LaunchControl if need be for a send A/B and on/off button.

OK.. I think that’s all the thoughts I had bubbling around in my tired self right now. I’m sure some more will come up while sleeping and I’ll have to make sure I get them down somewhere in the AM.