May Already? Checking In

Wow. May. This year is going so quick!! Yet some days don’t feel as quick, so I guess there’s some balance there… Anyway!

Let’s look at the previous post and do an update, ‘eh?

  • Broadcasting a live performance from my studio several times.
    • Well, as it turns out, I got all of my stuff together (Twitch panels, OBS scenes, etc.) and then we booked some major work to happen in my studio area.  I’m now in a “temporary” yet probably longer-term (1 year+) situation in my wife’s office, however it’s not so bad! I was wanting a change in how my things were arranged in my studio and this pretty much forced me into a different way of thinking about my existing workflow and the goals I have for my music. I’ll take pictures and talk about it more in the VIDEO content I create soon.
  • Attempting to be booked for live shows in the PNW.
    • I’m certainly behind here. Life is so full of things to do, see, experience, and we have 2 very engaging boys that are so full of life… I also had a bit of a reality check when it came to the ‘live rig’ I had built: It’s not feasible to take that elsewhere and set up each time. Maybe when I have my own crew or roadies one day. ;)  I’ve adjusted my expectations for live performing and am back to set design and practice.
  • Testing Traktor Pro 3 with timecode vinyl and my studio audio interface to get back into DJing a bit.
    • This may lead to some DJ sets being released as I pull favorites from my vinyl and digital libraries (provided Traktor Pro 3’s “scratch” mode works well for me).
    • I tested it! It works! However, now I don’t have access to my turntables. This will have to wait.. I just hope that it doesn’t wait so long that the timecode and software ages out of usefulness.  I already miss my vinyl that’s in storage.
  • Get into a ‘content creation’ habit for audio/video that keeps me releasing content to fans throughout the year.
    • I’m still plugging away at this.  As I mentioned above, with the recent transition into a new and more compact studio configuration in my wife’s office I will need to re-think some of my recording of video.  I aim to find a cadence that lets me record small but varying cross-sections of my creative endeavors and thoughts.

So there you have it. That’s what’s up as of now as I try to hold onto this wild ride of life. =)