Pike (EP)

Officially out and available from Beatport!Here’s what my peers are saying:

“Nice release, Pike is the one for me.”

Tobias Hoppe
(Pure Substance / Further) “I like all 4 tracks a lot here. Really nice laid back music – THANKS!!”

Norman H
(Stripped) “Smooth grooves all the way here played all four at the weekend in the first hour of my set excellent deepness.”

Kasey Taylor
(Vapour / eVapour8) “Nice cool techy house here thanks”

Wez Saunders
(Endemic Digital) “This is special shizzle!!! Pike & Contours are worthy chart contenders for me … all 4 cuts will get support from me in the very near future. I can see Pike in particular becoming a 2011 fave of mine. Very good stuff, thanks!!”

Amir Abbasi
(modifi music) “Great release, Conours and Ninja Figurine are my favorite!”

Cave Sedem
(Further, Oversized) “Quality on the top! Nice deep tech stuff! Pike for my fav!”

(Stripped Digital / Atlant Digital) “Pike & Deeper for me. 2 Great tunes.”

Daniel Mehes
“really cool deep and mellow sounds. my two favs are the contours and the Ninja figurine, thnx”

Jordi Riera
(Rarie Music / underClubb ) “Great release, all tracks for me!”