Sean Armstrong 2011 Sampler – August Update

I have updated the monthly sampler with productions started in August. The most exciting thing, for me, is the debut of my new pseudonym (all be it closer to my real name.. but not quite), “mrastrong“, which is an outlet for decidedly hip-hop instrumental influenced material. I’m excited to continue where I had left off a few years ago with these ideas and feelings for this type of music.

Also in this months sampler are a few house grooving tracks, and another ‘travel tech’ type of song (“Never Really Gone”).

2011 Sampler – April Update

I’ve been pretty busy with other projects, life, and going to support local DJs and producers at shows in April. I was able to start a few new tracks though! I’m very excited for “Salt & Sun”, but the others are pretty solid too and have some great potential.

Next month may be pretty slim on the new music front as I am working hard on wrapping up production on a few different projects of my own and side-projects with friends of mine.

2011 Sampler – March Update

It’s that time again. Where the hell did March go, anyway?

A few more delicious bites of that chill meets deep house flavor I’ve been working on this year, along with another downtempo influenced track in there. You’ll also hear some of that adventurous sound of tech-house.

MOST excitedly, though, is the debut of a side project I’m working on with Matt Amberg. We call ourselves “Import.Export”, and are working on an EBM sound that will get asses shaking in the northwest. Check out the teaser clip (the first one of the set) which is an instrumental version of a song we are still writing for and working on.

I also have two remixes that are going under contract for two separate labels. Announcements of them and their release dates/clips should be soon-ish, so keep an eye out!