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    Ephemeral Lateral

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    This album is the spiritual successor to 2012’s LP, “Unspoken For”. A pointed collection of downtempo and chilled songs written largely in similar mind space and time frame (2010 – 2011). Available for download or streaming on all major services on August 18th, 2016. Spotify Google Music Microsoft Groove Amazon Rhapsody/Napster Release date: August 18th,… Read more »

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    Salt & Sun

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    Years in the making, “Salt & Sun” is a full length album with songs influenced by life experiences in travel, food, and down time.  The earliest song was started in January of 2011, while the latest was started in August of 2013. This is a pointed collection of music from an era of my life… Read more »

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    On the Side (EP)

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    On the Side, an EP from Sliptide. Available now, independently released on Bandcamp ( Track list: 1) On the Side #house 2) Now and Again #chill #downtempo 3) Control #melodic #chill #house I’m excited to share a few tracks that have been in my pocket for a bit. I’ve had the pleasure of playing the title track, “On the Side” out… Read more »

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    Album: Sunday Afternoon at the Teahouse

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    House music for a sunny day spent lounging, well into the evening and night full of relaxation and good times. “Long-time and prolific producer Sean Armstrong made his entry into house music with his debut EP on Further Records, with follow-up work on boutique labels from Seattle and the UK. He now continues his string… Read more »

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    Sliptide Live on Mastermind Mix Radio (January 12, 2013)

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    Set list: 1. Roughs and Tumbles (unreleased, unsigned) 2. Salt & Sun (unreleased, unsigned) 3. It’s Been Too Long (unreleased, unsigned) 4. Under Cover (unreleased, unsigned) 5. This Time, I Say (Definite Ridge Recordings) 6. What Will It Take? (unreleased, unsigned) 7. Sundowntowner (unreleased, unsigned) 8. Pike (Further Records) 9. Hard to Walk (unreleased) 10…. Read more »

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    Golden Gardens – A Sudden Violent Rainstorm (Sliptide’s ‘No Tomorrow’ Remix)

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    Exclusive remix for Golden Gardens, first available to Kickstarter backers ($20) of their album mastering and release project! Project is funded and closed. Remix will be available to my fans towards the end of the year! A remix of Golden Gardens’ “A Sudden Violent Rainstorm” from their upcoming album, “How Brave the Hunted Wolves” out… Read more »

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    2012 Works In Progress

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    I’ve been working on a few new tracks and am hoping they find a home for release sometime soon!

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    “Rush” (EP)

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    Rush (EP) on: ANADAMIDE Records a.r. 420.036 In stores 4/20/2012 A new EP will be out featuring three new tech-house influenced songs! Check out the teaser clips on SoundCloud, and keep your eyes peeled for the full release in digital stores on 4/20/2012.

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    This Modern Depression (LP)

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    I am proud to announce my third self-released project: This Modern Depression. **Featuring “Aces High”, one of my most played songs on SoundCloud! The fans have spoken, and the track is available for purchase for the first time!** With songs written from 2007 through 2009, This Modern Depression is making a debut as an instrumental… Read more »

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    Sean Armstrong 2011 Sampler – October Update!

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    After a month off due to project work (Sliptide and side projects), live set design and practice, and life in general, I’ve thrown in three new grooving clips and a noteworthy update to “Sundowntowner” that I am *VERY* excited about. I hope you all enjoy these teaser clips! Keep an eye out for my announcements… Read more »

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    “The Dark Side of the Studio” Compilation, Out Now!

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    Definite Ridge Recordings – “The Dark Side of the Studio” is a compilation of label artists.  This compilation contains my latest house song, “This Time, I Say”. Check it out on track 3! Available on: Juno Release date: October 5, 2011 Label: Definite Ridge Recordings (website | Facebook) ‘The Dark Side Of The Studio’ Compilation… Read more »

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    Sean Armstrong 2011 Sampler – August Update

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    I have updated the monthly sampler with productions started in August. The most exciting thing, for me, is the debut of my new pseudonym (all be it closer to my real name.. but not quite), “mrastrong“, which is an outlet for decidedly hip-hop instrumental influenced material. I’m excited to continue where I had left off… Read more »