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Blog? What Blog?

It’s finally come full circle. My blogging youth that I left behind in favor of professional work, music, friendships, video games, and a life of privacy (though not so private since I’m embedded in the Gogol Empire) has been itching to get out for years.  It hasn’t been until a resent fit of ‘soul searching’ on my artistic self that I’ve come to a decision to fully embrace who I am.  Sliptide.

What does that mean?  It means that Sliptide produces music, has side-art adventures in music and media, and also plays games, reviews tech and gadgets, and is an active participant in humanity at large.  It’s my nickname. My moniker. My musical identity that is so much more than just a “music project” like so many bands, DJs and artists.  It’s my romantic view of my relationship to this world and the world of computers.

I need to write. I don’t write enough in my physical journal and I haven’t written online in years. It’s time to get back into it and blog about my musical experiences, projects, some personal stuff, some reviews of things, and maybe even some chronicling of my life in general.  It’s time to share. It’s time to reconnect myself to the world.

It’s also time to adjust to accommodate this path forward. Let’s see how this post appears on the site!

0hitpoints Podcast

Matt and Ryan from the 0hitpoints Podcast were in Seattle for PAX 2016. They invited me to be on the podcast for 2 nights! Check out the video below and then hit up their website for more great podcasts (new every week!) about video games! Also join them (sometimes ‘us’ when I can join in) for the playcast on Thursday evenings.

PAX Day 3

PAX Day 4

Ephemeral Lateral

This album is the spiritual successor to 2012’s LP, “Unspoken For”. A pointed collection of downtempo and chilled songs written largely in similar mind space and time frame (2010 – 2011).

Available for download or streaming on all major services on August 18th, 2016.

Google Music
Microsoft Groove

Release date: August 18th, 2016
Track list:

  1. Everything After
  2. Paper Heart
  3. Espres
  4. I Was Introduced To Myself
  5. Paris Was
  6. Step Forward, Step Backward
  7. Prime
  8. Glance In Passing
  9. These Dreams
  10. Another Start
  11. Eyes Of Youth
  12. Midnight Creatures

Salt & Sun

Years in the making, “Salt & Sun” is a full length album with songs influenced by life experiences in travel, food, and down time.  The earliest song was started in January of 2011, while the latest was started in August of 2013.

This is a pointed collection of music from an era of my life which greatly inspired my musical direction. Travel, food, friends, family.. bits of my life are ingrained in the music. The earliest work was started in January of 2011 while the latest was started in August of 2013.

I’m a sentimentalist at heart and I use music to capture pieces of life. I began experimenting with injecting ambient recordings of public spaces such as restaurants and cafes (such as in “It’s Been Too Long” and “Flipped It”) and enjoyed the outcome. When I play this music to a live audience or I’m wanting to visit some past memories, the music and the ambient clips make for a powerful experience for me. I do hope that you find them an interesting element to the music.

Whether it’s a stab used almost as a percussive element or a longer phrase repeated through a portion of the song, the other vocal bits used in some of the songs are a nod to elements of house music that I enjoy.

I’m not underselling the purely instrumental tracks, though, as some of them feel more ‘classic Sliptide’ to me in their presentation (“Skies Over” and “On the Side”, for example).

A big thanks to everyone in my life who has been supportive of my music and artistry. From the Seattle music heads I timidly met for the first time in The Living Room Bar, to the prominent and wonderful folks who have booked me for shows in Seattle over the years. I also give major thanks to the friends I’ve made abroad for helping me to share my music to a wider audience and offer a global community of artistic criticism and support.

Of course, I wouldn’t be here today without the support of my wife, who encouraged me to get out there and share with the local and global music community.


Release date: June 18th, 2015

Track listing:

1) Roughs & Tumbles
2) Salt & Sun
3) It’s Been Too Long
4) What Will It Take?
5) Under Cover
6) Sundowntowner
7) Flipped It
8) Skies Over
9) Western Facing
10) On The Side
11) Clichy, 2 AM

All music will be available for licensing shortly after album release via AudioSocket.

On the Side (EP)

On the Side, an EP from Sliptide.

Available now, independently released on Bandcamp (

Track list:
1) On the Side #house
2) Now and Again #chill #downtempo
3) Control #melodic #chill #house

I’m excited to share a few tracks that have been in my pocket for a bit. I’ve had the pleasure of playing the title track, “On the Side” out in Seattle a few times and it’s always been a crowd mover. This 3 track digital EP covers a few types of sounds I love, rife with bits of emotion, texture, ambiance, and passion that is straight from my head, my heart, and heavily influenced by my experiences in life. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed writing them (and enjoy performing them)!


Album: Sunday Afternoon at the Teahouse

House music for a sunny day spent lounging, well into the evening and night full of relaxation and good times.

“Long-time and prolific producer Sean Armstrong made his entry into house music with his debut EP on Further Records, with follow-up work on boutique labels from Seattle and the UK. He now continues his string of indie releases with his first break from downtempo material in over a decade: “Sunday Afternoon at the Teahouse” sets the tone for what will be great house music from this Seattle artist.”

Purchase on: Bandcamp || CD Baby ||  iTunes || Google Play || Amazon

Track listing:

1) Sunday Afternoon at the Teahouse
2) Tomber en Panne
3) Friendly Intentions
4) Letting
5) Let’s Caffe
6) Infatuations
7) Shots
8) Evening Humidity
9) Clouds at Night
10) Walls Close In
11) Last Sun Drifting
12) All Night

Sliptide Live @ the Shameless Social

I’ll be playing a live house music show for the monthly Shameless Social that takes place at Electric Tea Garden in Seattle.

Details here and on Facebook.


(Force Inc, Roam Recordings, x09 Music)

Sliptide [LIVE]
Further Records

(Shameless, Q)

Gato Negro

Doors open at 10pm / 21+ / Party goes late!

Electric Tea Garden
1402 E Pike St


Shameless – Keeping it weird since 2003.

Sliptide Live on Mastermind Mix Radio (January 12, 2013)

Set list:

1. Roughs and Tumbles (unreleased, unsigned)
2. Salt & Sun (unreleased, unsigned)
3. It’s Been Too Long (unreleased, unsigned)
4. Under Cover (unreleased, unsigned)
5. This Time, I Say (Definite Ridge Recordings)
6. What Will It Take? (unreleased, unsigned)
7. Sundowntowner (unreleased, unsigned)
8. Pike (Further Records)
9. Hard to Walk (unreleased)
10. Chemical G – Connected (Sliptide’s Deep Roots Mix) (Definite Ridge Recordings)
11. On the Side (unreleased, unsigned)

Thanks to Eva ( ) for having me on the show!

Recorded at See Sound Lounge in Seattle.

Golden Gardens – A Sudden Violent Rainstorm (Sliptide’s ‘No Tomorrow’ Remix)

Exclusive remix for Golden Gardens, first available to Kickstarter backers ($20) of their album mastering and release project! Project is funded and closed.

Remix will be available to my fans towards the end of the year!

A remix of Golden Gardens’ “A Sudden Violent Rainstorm”
from their upcoming album, “How Brave the Hunted Wolves”
out on: November 13th, 2012
Label: NEON SIGH ( )