PUBG – A Story Through Game Clips

So there I was… playing solo.. carrying what looked like a machine gun from WW2 and some kind of automatic shotgun..when the big-ass plane flew over and dropped a crate very close to my position.

Nervous as all hell I ran.. sprinted.. to the crate.. and peeked inside
I frantically changed into the new suit.. picked up a gun that i had no idea what it did or was… and crawled away.. thinking someone MUST have me in their sights by now.  I waited for death.  Yet, somehow, it was in the cards for me to continue on, following tree lines and shadows in my new suit with my new best friend. I forgot the name but it reminded me of gyoza.. so that’s what I will call it.
Things were tense at times as I was hot on the trail of folks, and seemingly everyone was driving a vehicle in this match:
Yet, I soldiered on as stealthy as possible until the circle began to close
and I used my gyoza for the first time.
After quickly dispatching two enemies in a way that made me feel like a total bad-ass, more action took place from my vantage point as everyone converged on the area.
As time ran out for my position, forcing me to move:
(watch the blue line on this after the kill)
Things were very intense now.
I could hear action within the walls of this multi-building compound..
..a car drove into the area right in front of me..
..grenades were being tossed like candy..
..but I had to re-position or risk dying prematurely.
I eventually found myself on the side of a building and moved slowly around the outside until I was forced to move again. I could hear someone on the inside so I was very paranoid they’d come out the back and attack.
The mood.. was.. TENSE.
So there I was lying by a hunk of burned out automotive glory.
Bullets came from the building. Or so I thought..
I threw a grenade in there.
I shot the windows.
I heard return fire but not in my direction. I knew they were as clueless as I was as to their position, but it helped me make an educated guess.
In fact, the car near the front door blew up. I suspect they thought I was inside the building!
I was able to crawl to another point closer to where I thought the final showdown would be and kept my eyes out.
and finally…
My first solo chicken dinner!
Would I have won without the gyoza and ghillie suit?  I don’t know. Maybe.. I’m handy with the machine guns and such, but the gyoza handled so ridiculously well and came with that scope that seemed perfectly matched to it.  It also helps to have that camo from the ghillie… it greatly enhanced my chances of winning having the two items but I did have a great series of events in the match (travel path, engaging at the right time, etc).